With this project, eight new employees were hired. Now close to 20 total employees!

By applying for the fund for strengthening the business of social entrepreneurs funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through the European Social Fund, the company Out of Focus was granted a co-finance through which the company will formally achieve the transition to a social – entrepreneurial business. “Social entrepreneurship of the company Out of focus in the creative and cultural industries”, will take place over the next year in which we will strive to ensure sustainability and improve market competitiveness in cooperation with partners. Some of the main goals in this given time period are to enable the transition to business with the principles of social entrepreneurship, improvement of economic activity through modernization and product development and promotion of social entrepreneurship through networking with other potential social entrepreneurs. For these purposes, the company Out of Focus received financial support in the amount of of 1,159,981.16HRK.

In order to achieve project goals with the stated amount, Out of Focus will ensure sustainability through several types of project activities and market valorization of the company’s products and services. In addition to the formal transition, a business and marketing plan will be developed in order to conduct all activities in a strategic manner in the coming period. The company will direct its marketing activities towards the promotion of its new status, and will actively educate employees about social entrepreneurship with the aim of designing new programs for the development of local communities.

Economic activity will continue through increased engagement in the market, in the form of providing more modern and competitive services and increasing the company’s share in the audiovisual industry market in Croatia. All work equipment will be used for the purposes of providing high-quality audiovisual content, recording and organizing events, which will further contribute to competitiveness, the acquisition of new knowledge and clients. Out of Focus will continue to develop donation projects to encourage the creativity of young people, such as “Filmske kovanice”, “Henganje” and “Džeparac”, which are a real example and the beginning of this social-entrepreneurial venture.