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Pina čokolada

Bruna and Tia spend the summer of 2007 together. Bruna’s parents are gone, so they are alone at the beach house. They will spend time lying on the beach, eating chips and drinking milk, listening to X’s (bad) mix cd, meeting boys they will forget, dressing questionably, at least once getting drunk embarrassingly and making jokes all summer…They will have a blast! The production was co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.


Nikica Zdunić


Tajana Bakota

Director of Photography

Tin Ostrošić


Denis Golenja

Sound designer

Ivan Zelić


Iva Maria Jurić and Hana Grebenar

Costume designer

Ozana Gabriel

Script supervisor

Lea Mileta

Sound recorder

Dino Ljuban

Light designer

Marko Milohnić

1st AC

Denis Komeljenović

2nd AC

Urh Pirc

DIT/Photographer on set

Marko Kekić

2nd AD

Maruška Aras

Visual/graphic designer

Dario Dević

Executive producers

Toni Motušić and Neda Krkeljić

Film accountant

Ana Roso

Extras casting

Casting koke


Iva Jurišić i Matija Piralić


Damir Juroš


Hana Grđan
Lara Petrović “Sprema”
Mark Fejer
Mikula Aras
Klara Kovačić
Lara Smrekar



xYUGOx is a musical historical biographical documentary about a movement created as a reaction to the nihilism in punk scene in America in the late 70s in which the followers do not consume alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or sex for pleasure. This is a film which offers a different approach to punk, an approach of people living fully or partially straight edge. The film makes the viewers contemplate about the diversities, healthy way of life and promoting values which are different than today’s consumeristic and exploitational values. Throughout the film, we follow the only straight edge band on the Balkan area, The Truth, which has three members from Serbia and two from Croatia. The film deals with the topic of tours, but also veganism, decision making, attitudes, drugs and concerts. Development of the script was financed by the Society of directors and Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Screenwriter, director, director of photography, editor

Pavle Kocanjer


Adrijana Prugovečki

Second unit Cinematographer

Marko Kekić

Visual/graphic designer

Lovro Kranjčević, Karlo Bonetić


Glave u vrećama

One of the most mysterious and most important occurrences in art in Croatia, the avant-garde group called Traveleri (from the English word „travellers“) in 1922 in Zagreb was formed by Josip Seissel, Dragutin Herjanić, Vlado Pilar, Zvonimir Megler, Miha Schön, Dušan Plavšić ml., Miloš Somborski, Višnja Kranjčević i Čedomil Plavšić. The members were educated young people coming from wealthy families from Zagreb were aware of the changes taking place after the World War I and critical towards the citizens’ values. They had daily art performances and equated their life with art, anticipating the avant-garde in art. The group was active for ten years and even though they always remained in contact and spent time together, the members managed to achieve enviable results in different professions, from medicine and architecture to law. The script, accidentally discovered in 2007 and kept in a private collection by Marinko Sudac, was written by Josip Seissel (under the name Jo Klek) in 1922, and is thought to be the oldest script from the region. The original title is ‘’Glave u vrećama’’ (‘’Heads in bags’’), which the author decided to keep and conceptually connect with 100 years of avant-garde in Zagreb. The film is currently in the process of having a script developed, and it is co-financed by Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Screenwriter and director

Mario Kovač


Adrijana Prugovečki

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