project name

Social entrepreneurship of the Out of Focus company in the creative and cultural industries

Name of the projects’ users/partners

Out of focus company in partnership with Photo Video Club Kutina

A brief description of the project

By applying for the support of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through the European Social Fund, the company Out of Focus has achieved support through which it will formally achieve the transition to a social – entrepreneurial business. Social entrepreneurship of the company Out of focus in the creative and cultural industries, as the title states, will take place over the next year in which we will strive to ensure sustainability and improve market competitiveness while cooperating with partners.

The objectives and expected results of the project

Some of the main objectives during the stated period are enabling the business model transition led by the principles of social entrepreneurship, improving economic activity through modernization and product development and promoting social entrepreneurship through networking of other potential social entrepreneurs.

Total value of the project and the total amount co-financed by the EU

For the stated purposes, the company Out of Focus has received financial support in the form of HRK 1.159.981,16.

Project implementation period

01.10.2020. – 30.09.2021.

Contact person for more information

Director: Filip Trezner

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