Living room on the river

The living room is considered the main room in the household: it is a place of fun, laughter, warm family and friendly moments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this area was the central place for every family to socialize. The idea of ​​the event is to move the spirit of the living room outdoors, in nature and provide visitors with what they missed the most – cultural and entertainment content and responsible social contact with others.
Two locations were selected for the project: the area along the river Mrežnica in Donji Zvečaj and for the first time the area along the river Kupa in the town of Ozalj at the foot of the waterfall where the oldest continental hydroelectric power plant Ozalj “Munjara” was built. Right there from June 3 until the end of August, the events “Living room on Kupa” will be held. The series of Living Rooms in the county will be accompanied by Karlovac, which will have its edition traditionally at the celebration of the City’s birthday. Each location is characterized by a special and rich gastronomic offer and performances, concerts, stand ups, films, and other programs.

Living Room on Mrežnica - Restaurant DP Mrežnička kuća

Living Room on Kupa - Restaurant Žganjer

Living room in Karlovac