For the presentation of Franck’s new product – “Franck Beestro”, complete video production and live streaming was provided, which was broadcast on the official Franck Facebook page. In addition to the moderator Iva Šulentić, the speakers were Draga Žulj, Senior brand manager in Franck, Željko Vrbos, president of the Croatian Beekeepers’ Association and Sandra Bedran, mag. ing. agr. and project ambassador. Franck Beestro is a special container that contains two boxes of fine Franck tea and seeds of honey flowers that can be sown. The product also has a socially responsible goal in which the flowers provide food to the bees.

Franck, as one of the most successful Croatian producers and exporters of food products, began its long history and rich tradition more than 125 years ago. Franck’s story dates back to 1827, when the young, ambitious German entrepreneur Johann H. Franck first managed to process the medicinal plant chicory into a chicory drink.





Live stream and video production

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